ROQU Launches COVID-19 Health Passport

Dublin-based ROQU Group is launching the pilot of Health Passport, a digital platform designed to facilitate increased COVID-19 testing for businesses and the public. 

The digital platform combines advanced diagnostics and novel testing resources to deliver COVID-19 test results in as little as 15 minutes, allowing businesses and individuals the ability to minimise risks in the workplace and provide security to both employees and customers.

Amid calls for increased testing for the public, ROQU says that their Health Passport platform can provide the solution needed to manage and contain the spread of the virus. The platform has been developed specifically to work with all existing COVID-19 tests. Where no testing solution is already in place, Health Passport is working to provide rapid antibody blood tests and antigen swab tests, which can deliver a precise diagnosis in 15 minutes. 

The pilot will include participants from various sectors including healthcare, logistics, childcare, agriculture, entertainment, and others. The purpose of the trial is to demonstrate proof of concept of Health Passport’s potential to aid business welfare. 

“Health Passport is designed to put a safety net in place where none currently exists, allowing economies to recover and thrive in a controlled environment…This platform provides the breakthrough we have been waiting for and can become the standard solution for business, travel, education, healthcare, events and all aspects of daily life,” said Mr Quirke. “Every person on the Health Passport platform now represents one life and one job protected,” said Robert Quirke, President and CEO of ROQU Group, at today’s launch.

ROQU Group has announced that, in addition to Ireland, the Health Passport will be launched in the US, UK, Italy, Kenya and Germany, with other locations to follow.