iCAD unveils ProFound AI Risk for breast cancer evaluation

iCAD has launched ProFound AI Risk to provide accurate two-year, breast cancer risk evaluation, based only on a screening mammogram.

The company, which specialises in providing innovative cancer detection and therapy solutions, has developed the technology to empower clinicians to tailor a woman’s breast screening regimen and potentially identify cancers earlier. ProFound AI Risk combines a range of risk factors, including age, breast density and subtle mammographic features, offering superior performance in assessing short-term risk compared to traditional breast cancer risk models.

“ProFound AI Risk offers a more holistic clinical approach that can provide clinicians with a broader view of each individual patient’s case and two year breast cancer risk,” said Stacey Stevens, President of iCAD. “This technology offers more valuable insights for clinicians, compared to other risk models, which offer five or 10 year-risk estimates. ProFound AI Risk will be available for 2D mammography, which is particularly applicable for the European market, where 2D mammography is still primarily used for breast cancer screening.”

ProFound AI Risk, which has received a CE Mark in Europe, builds on ProFound AI, a deep-learning, AI cancer detection software solution launched last year. In a recent study, which examined 18,002 consecutive screening mammograms, the AI technology’s ability to detect cancers was superior to that of two radiologists, who read the same cases. It also halves the amount of time it takes radiologists to read 3D mammography datasets. And for Digital Breast Tomosynthesis (DBT), it improves radiologist sensitivity, and significantly reduces unnecessary patient recall rates.

“This powerful software empowers doctors to find breast cancers earlier, when they may be more easily treated, while reducing the rate of false positives, which could lead to fewer unnecessary biopsies or treatments. Additionally, it is particularly effective in challenging cases, such as those with dense breast tissue,” said Michele Debain, Vice President, Europe, Middle East, Africa, iCAD.

iCAD is headquartered in Nashua, US and is listed on the NASDAQ (NASDAQ:ICAD) since 1984.