Deep Longevity spins out of Insilico Medicine to fight ageing

In the fight against age-related diseases, Deep Longevity has today uncloaked and joined the fray. The new startup, coming out of stealth mode, aims to transform research into longevity. It is spinning out of Insilico Medicine, which uses AI for drug discovery particularly for anti-aging interventions.

Deep Longevity has developed an AI system that it claims can predict an individual’s biological age significantly more accurately than conventional methods. The company has analysed samples from multiple data types – blood biochemistry, cell count, protein-coding genes, and gut bacteria – to identify ageing-related biomarkers for diseases like diabetes, sarcopenia and NASH.

With undisclosed funding from ETP Ventures, Human Longevity and Performance Impact Venture Fund, and other investors, Deep Longevity is entering into a collaboration with Human Longevity Inc, which uses genomic sequencing and analysis to provide ‘health intelligence’. The goal is to move healthcare to a personalised, preventative model.

“Over the past few years, our team made several discoveries in the field of deep learning for longevity research in both biomarkers of ageing and geroprotector discovery,” said Alex Zhavoronkov, founder and CEO of Deep Longevity. “Deep Longevity will translate these discoveries into the new industry of longevity management and medicine providing longevity as a service.”