BioPharma Ledger brings blockchain to clinical trials


ALTEN Calsoft Labs launches blockchain clinical trial platform in partnership with clinical research organisation Clinlogix

The deployment of blockchain in healthcare is at a nascent, as yet largely unproven, stage, but it has potential applications for electronic health records, health insurance, and at any point where data integrity, provenance and security are of paramount importance. For clinical trials, blockchain has the potential to overcome challenges relating to reproducibility, data privacy, and patient enrolment.

ALTEN Calsoft Labs, part of the global engineering conglomerate ALTEN Group, has announced the launch of BioPharma Ledger, a blockchain clinical trial platform. The company works across numerous industries to implement digital technologies for transformation, and this is the company’s first blockchain initiative.

“Our scalable Blockchain platform will ultimately address many key core processes in the Life Sciences industry,” says Paul Elisii, Vice President of BI and Blockchain, ALTEN Calsoft Labs.

BioPharma Ledger is being trialled with Clinlogix, a global clinical research organisation (CRO). For Clinlogix is one of the first CROs to deploy a blockchain based platform, which will help its customers to get new drugs to market quicker and at lower cost. 

JeanMarie Markham, the Founder and CEO of Clinlogix said, “Clinlogix has always embraced new technologies that improve patient outcomes, safety and health along with helping our sponsors to get new treatments to market rapidly, efficiently and cost effectively.”