Gustave Roussy Institut to use blockchain for data in cancer drug trials

The Gustave Roussy Institut, a cancer centre in France, is to deploy blockchain in data-sharing applications for oncology research. The technology will be built in partnership with Embleema, a developer of a healthcare blockchain network, and will be used to improve transparency, patient safety and patient engagement in clinical trials.

Blockchain technology guarantees that each patient can exercise full data sovereignty, while providing researchers and pharmaceutical companies with authenticated, regulatory-grade data for use in clinical trials for new drugs. Patients will be able to maintain full control and access to personal data, and to determine where and how it is used: smart contracts will also enable a patient to modify or cancel access to their data.

"Our partnership with Embleema will define a new ethical model in drug development, so individual healthcare data may be used to further clinical research, in a transparent manner that fully respects patient rights," said Professor Alexander Eggermont, General Director of the Gustave Roussy Institut. "Blockchain technology allows real world data to finally be able to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of treatments, and deliver new treatments to patients faster."