OneTouch blood glucose monitoring study demonstrates accuracy

While digital health solutions are quite often accused of not publishing results of clinical trials, the OneTouch Select Plus blood glucose monitoring system is the subject of a long-term study published this week in the Journal of Diabetes Science and Technology (JDST), and demonstrates the accuracy of its readings. 

During a three-year period, results from 21,000 test strips were sampled and evaluated in a clinical setting to assess product accuracy. The results indicate that the system consistently met the minimum ISO requirements. This builds on results from two previous studies published in 2017, in the same journal, including a seven-year study with 70,000 data points.

The OneTouch system is produced by LifeScan, with headquarters in Pennsylvania, US, and Zug, Switzerland. The company has been developing products for managing diabetes for 35 years, and claims over 20 million customers worldwide. The first OneTouch meter was launched in 1987