Roche digital pathology launch improves speed, performance and usability


Roche has today launched its uPath digital pathology software. It enables pathologists to diagnose a patient case more quickly by viewing all slides in a case in a single seamless view, as well as viewing all available patient information simultaneously. 

The software is built on the Leeds Virtual Microscope (LVM) developed at – and acquired from – the University of Leeds and the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust in the UK.The LVM technology operates on displays that range from laptops to ultra-high definition Powerwalls, to transform pathologists’ ability to diagnose disease. Acquired in 2016, LVM was the result of a collaboration involving researchers from the Leeds Institute of Cancer and Pathology, the School of Healthcare, the School of Computing, as well as the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. 

“With this launch, we are able to deliver an improved digital pathology experience consisting of the VENTANA DP 200 slide scanner and uPath software, which are the foundation to further enrich our portfolio of automated clinical algorithms for pathologists,” said Jill German, Head of Roche Tissue Diagnostics. “We’re excited to offer pathology labs a high-quality solution to help improve workflow efficiencies, accuracy and precision tools.”